The Charms series patterns are among my favorites that use Warp Displacement. When I was exploring warp displacement last year I spent a lot of time figuring out exactly how to get this sucked-in X look and how best to complement the shape. For warp displacement patterns, these are quite easy to do.

Charms series

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Let this be a lesson to me: don’t post old patterns without exploring them further. The Recessed Square pattern I posted earlier today (and I do meanĀ earlier) was technically a rectangle—which I knew at the time. With very little trouble I added a couple of rows and came up with a square-within-a-square design. Here it is.

Recessed Square, front

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To Knot or Not to Knot?

This is a tutorial on how to begin a square without tying a knot, how to read a chart and follow a pattern, and how to make BEAUTIFUL squares with even warp and weft distribution.

To begin, if you DO want to start your square by tying a reverse slip knot to secure the yarn to your loom, see this short video (there are obviously other parts in this six-part series, and you’re welcome to watch those as well. But be prepared to die of boredom because not only is there no plot . . . well, you’ll see).*

Tie a reverse slip knot and attach it to one of the four pins near Cr1; begin warping as usual.

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Topical Guide

I Love Pin Loom Weaving!

My intent here is to link to informative previously written posts. Most of these are from; the posts there often have fanciful names, so it can be difficult to locate what you might be looking for. If you want instructions on how to use a bias loom with the three-layer warping method, for example, see the topic “Bias Looms” below. Read More →