This pattern was adapted from the Bucilla Dictionary of Magic-Loom Weaving Stitches, pattern 11. My version doesn’t look like the original, but that’s where I got the idea. The Bucilla Magic-Loom has 32 warps and 32 wefts (see this post for more information on the Bucilla Magic-Loom), so I had to trim out the extra warp and weft. This is what I came up with…

“Bucilla 11, modified, variation 1” shown here on the loom, front and back. Notice the extra long floats on the back of the square.

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Staggered Stars — Note: this pattern is practically the same as “Like a Diamond”, but its spacing is slightly different. (Can’t find “Like a Diamond” for the 31 x 31 loom, so I may need to post that next!)

Recommended two-color warping: L1-2 in lighter color, L3-4 in darker color. (Don’t use high contrast colors—see photo at bottom of post.)

Staggered Stars

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