Welcome to my book-turned-blog: Adventures in Pin Loom Weaving!

I Love Pin Loom Weaving!

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I’m currently working on patterns for the Winter Weave-Along and have been designing letters of the alphabet. I’m also developing more patterns for the 6″ square loom and (shhh!) I’m even making a project with those squares.

My husband has been helping me make the Index of Posts more useful. We’re also working on making the Select Category option more helpful.


I’ve collected a lot of pin looms over the last three years—necessary equipment to aid me in my adventures. (Don’t leave home without one!)

A small sampling of pin looms, including my first one (the blue Weave-It), a Weavette, Loomette (with bars), Weave-It rug loom (which I don’t have much use for), several homemade looms, and a set of Wunderwag Industries looms (shown in white).

One thing I like better than designing and weaving patterns is interacting with people. So, WELCOME TO MY BLOG; enjoy the patterns, and please, please, please ask questions and inform me of typos and other corrections I need to make.


If you’re looking for other pin loom sizes (2″, 4″, 6″ squares and triangles) please consider Wunderwag Industries looms. I’ve worked with Joe to develop what I think is an excellent product. (Click on the link for ordering info.)

Wunderwag Industries looms

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