“Today is the day,” I decided, “to start posting patterns.” With over 100 photographed squares to choose from, it should have been a breeze. Well, a breeze certainly confronted me—a good, stiff one, more of a gale (as in gale force winds).

The wind is BLOWING here today and the first square I picked up from one of the To BE Posted baskets had no photo to go with it. Went outside to snap the photo. What should have taken seconds took minutes because of the wind. The photos took seconds, but waiting for breaks in the breeze (during which I was getting significantly wind-chilled) took minutes. Sheesh!

Hexagon Heart, front

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Here are a few diagrams for adding beads to heart patterns.

The Mini Heart can be woven with or without beads. It’s a new pattern (not yet tested) and I haven’t made separate without beads, double outline, or solid heart diagrams yet.

Single Outline Heart (with beads)—This diagram appears elsewhere on this blog, but I thought it also belongs on this post.

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To Knot or Not to Knot?

This is a tutorial on how to begin a square without tying a knot, how to read a chart and follow a pattern, and how to make BEAUTIFUL squares with even warp and weft distribution.

To begin, if you DO want to start your square by tying a reverse slip knot to secure the yarn to your loom, see this short video (there are obviously other parts in this six-part series, and you’re welcome to watch those as well. But be prepared to die of boredom because not only is there no plot . . . well, you’ll see).*

Tie a reverse slip knot and attach it to one of the four pins near Cr1; begin warping as usual.

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