One of the reasons I began the reversible pattern exploration was because I wanted patterns that could be used on a rigid heddle loom as well as a pin loom. It’s a bit easier to weave samples on the pin loom. I think this particular design looks good if you turn the square clockwise one turn, but as usual, you can’t duplicate that look without doing some fancy weave-work (like two-layer weaving or maybe reverse warping). We’ll see if that ever materializes…

Reversible Star Boxes–front

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I’ve been locked out of my blog for a long time, so I’m finally able to post again. Whew.

About a year ago I fiddled around with some patterns that look roughly the same on both sides of the square. I call them … reversible! Some looked better than others and I’m in the process of diagramming them on the computer (still prefer to design on paper). Here’s the first one.

Reversible Chevron Star Boxes–front

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This is a Warp Displacement pattern, so you may want to review the linked post. I’ve included an explanation for how to follow the chart, but you may be frustrated if you’re not familiar with the technique.

I called this pattern Zulu because it reminds me of an African tribal shield, and because we always loved singing the “Zulu Warrior” song when I was a kid.

Zulu, front—three colorways

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