Pin Wraps and Yardage

Yardage Requirements and Recommended Pin Perimeter Wraps for Square Looms

These measurements were usually taken from non-stretchy, worsted weight acrylic yarn (such as Caron Simply Soft) and will be more than adequate for stretchier and thinner yarns. Each measurement includes a very generous ending tail.

2″ x 2″ Loom

3 wraps around the pins

L1-4: 2 yd, 2 in

L1-3: 1 yd, 18 in; L4: 27 in

L1-2: 1 yd, 2″ ;   L3-4: 1 yd, 4.5 in


4″ x 4″ Loom

5 wraps around the pins

L1-4: 8 yd

L1-3: 5 yds, 24 in; L4: 2yd, 12 in (You can use 2 yd, 6 in if you don’t want a long tail for joining squares.)

L1-2: 3yd, 28 in; L3-4: 4 yd, 3 in*


6″ x 6″ Loom

6.75-7 wraps (The larger the loom, the more difficult it is to predict the measurement for certain yarn types, e.g. Urban Chic brand requires only 6.5 wraps; start with 7 if unsure)

L1-4: 16.5-17 yd

L1-3:12 yd, 24-27 inL4: 4 yd, 30 in (this was measured at 7 wraps with a generous tie-on tail)

L1-2:__; L4: __

Yarn Bee Urban Chic 78% acrylic/22% cotton blend


8″ x 8″ Loom

9 wraps (I don’t have a working 8″ x 8″ loom at this time, but I’ve found a good rule of thumb is size of loom plus one, e.g. 8 wraps + 1)

L1-4: __

L1-3: __; L4: __

L1-2:__; L4: __


Yardage Requirements and Recommended Pin Perimeter Wraps for Rectangular Looms

1″ x 2″ Loom

2.5 wraps


1″ x 4″ Loom

2.5-3 wraps


2″ x 4″ (or 4″ x 2″) Loom

3.5 wraps


2″ x 6″ (Bookmark) Loom

4 wraps

L1-4: 5 yd, 28″


3″ x 6″ Loom

5 wraps


4″ x 6″ Loom

5.75 wraps


Yardage Requirements and Recommended Pin Perimeter Wraps for Triangular Looms

2″ x 2″ Right Angle Loom

2 wraps plus one length of hypotenuse


4″ x 4″ Right Angle Loom

3 wraps plus one length of hypotenuse


6″ x 6″ Right Angle Loom

4 wraps plus one length of hypotenuse



*4″ x 4″ Loom — some variegated yarns have very long color bands, e.g. Yarn Bee Urban Chic (acrylic/ cotton blend, available at Hobby Lobby). If you want to have L1-2 in one color band and L3-4 in the next without cutting the yarn (color changes automatically when you turn at Cr3), make sure you start with 3 yd, 28 in. (I’ve found that I have to fiddle with this a lot; Urban Chic is thin and stretchy and takes less than 3 yd, 24 in. Hopefully this gives you an idea of how to use long color bands.)

Color changes from L2 to L3 exactly at cr3