Topical Guide

I Love Pin Loom Weaving!

My intent here is to link to informative previously written posts. Most of these are from; the posts there often have fanciful names, so it can be difficult to locate what you might be looking for. If you want instructions on how to use a bias loom with the three-layer warping method, for example, see the topic “Bias Looms” below.

If you’re looking for particular patterns, you can Search for them by name, e.g. “Horizontal Xs,” or search categories in Find a Pattern or Tutorial Here, e.g. Alphabet, on the sidebar to the right. > > >

Beginners . . .

Bias Looms (or looms with equidistant pin spacing)

Bulky Yarn

Equidistant Pin Spacing (see Bias Looms)

Joining Techniques

Letters and Numbers

Loom Making (or buying)

Two-Layer Warping (2LW) / Single-Layer Warping (1LW)