Have to say, this one didn’t turn out as I’d hoped. (It’s been redesigned and needs to be rewoven.) In its defense, I designed it on graph paper–long before I began designing with charts on the computer–using the palest pencil imaginable. It was hard to see the diagram to transfer it to digital media, so I can only imagine (because I can’t remember) how difficult it must have been to design. Apparently I had no trouble following my nearly imperceptible graphite marks because I wove what I wrote. Nevertheless, while transcribing the pattern I decided to make some improvements (untested at this point, but I’m certain they’re improvements).

Before I could transfer the semi-visible drawing to the computer, I thought I’d better get a look at the original so I could know what I was trying to copy. Here’s a rough sketch of what Road to Tennessee looked like in my quilt block book.

Road to Tennessee sketch

And this is what the photo of my square looks like. (I’ll add another photo when I’ve had a chance to weave the new-and-improved version). You can kind of see a hint of a potentially cool pattern here. Unfortunately it doesn’t look much like the quilt block and I don’t think it ever will. But it’s worth a bit of an adventure.

Consider this post a bit of a tutorial on the evolution of a design…

Road to Tennessee, front

Road to Tennessee, back

Road to Tennessee original (the light red squares are the ones I took out for the new design)

Road to Tennessee amended

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