A PLW friend’s birthday is today, so in her honor—because she’s so supportive of my pattern designing attempts—I’m posting some new patterns.

I haven’t given much thought to PL patterns lately. I’d felt so discouraged recently trying to post the patterns I designed earlier this year (but didn’t post while they were fresh in my mind) that I essentially gave up on them.

The squares in this post are a small stack of experimental designs based on a pattern originally devised 25 June 2016. They’re listed in the order they were woven. You might notice the evolution of certain ideas and motifs. A few are interesting, but none of them have proper names. Read More →

I’m not crazy about this one, but the flower-ish design in the center of two columns (on the back of the square) is interesting. Perhaps I don’t favor this sample because it’s woven with L1&2/3&4 warping, which is my least favorite combination. It might be worth weaving with L1 darker/2-4 lighter.

DuO Diamonds 3a, back. On this side of the square, the center diamond gets overwhelmed by the flower shape amidst two columns.

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