This pattern was adapted from the Bucilla Dictionary of Magic-Loom Weaving Stitches, pattern 11. My version doesn’t look like the original, but that’s where I got the idea. The Bucilla Magic-Loom has 32 warps and 32 wefts (see this post for more information on the Bucilla Magic-Loom), so I had to trim out the extra warp and weft. This is what I came up with…

“Bucilla 11, modified, variation 1” shown here on the loom, front and back. Notice the extra long floats on the back of the square.

I like how it turned out, but I don’t like the extra long floats on the back. I’ve included instructions below, titled “variation 1.”

My second attempt also leaves something to be desired since there are two plain weave rows at the top, making the pattern off-center.

“Bucilla 11, modified” front and back

I’ve included written instructions both on and below the pattern chart. Hopefully they’ll help make the “slide” instruction more clear. When you slide the needle, you’re mimicking the path of L2, so it’s important to keep the rows in the right order when packing with your fork. You don’t want the rows to overlap each other.

Bucilla 11, modified; Pink = Under; Blue = Over

“Bucilla 11, modified, variation 1” front and back

Instructions for Variation 1

R1: P
Even Rows: P3, slide between 25 warps, P3
Odd Rows: (U1, O3) x 7, P3
R16: P


Sample squares were warped L1-3: color 1, L4: color 2. Yarn tails were worked in using the “as you go” technique. For a demonstration of that technique, see this post: Maple Leaf and this video: Two Color Squares and Weaving in Ends As You Go.

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