A blog reader asked if Star in a Cross could be woven on a 6″ loom. The answer is yes. This is a pattern that transfers well to the 6″ loom. I had to diagram it to be sure because sometimes 4″ patterns don’t work well on the 6″ loom.

Because squares from the 6″ loom have a larger area, sometimes tiny motifs (such as the star in the center of the cross) won’t look very dynamic or significant. For that reason I played around with some variations. I haven’t woven any of these, so I’m not sure how they’ll turn out. There are still other options for this pattern, so I might need to go back to the drawing board. For now, here they are.

Recommended warping: L1&2 dark/3&4 light.

Star in a Cross

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It’s been nearly three years since we used this design in our first Weave-Along (WAL) on the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group. I should say it’s been bothering me ever since, but it wasn’t. However, it bothered several others at the time of the WAL—people who were good at spotting oddities in weaving designs. My squares were so obscure looking that I didn’t notice the inconsistencies. (See original Loomette pattern diagram at bottom of this post.)

Loomette Sunken Square, corrected version, front

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While sorting through old patterns—some rejected—I ran across an abandoned project and an unusual-looking pattern. I consulted my notebook and then my printed copy of Weave-It Magic Squares. Looks like I asked, “What if…?” on the “Plain and Fancy” pattern. Mine isn’t a perfect square, and I’ve crocheted around the border, but I thought I’d share it here in case anyone is interested.

Notes, notes, notes

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I received a request for clarification on how to make the Loomette afghan called The Charleston. The afghan is found on the eloomanation website in the book titled “The Loomette Handbook—New Weaves, Vogues and Suggestions” (1938). The Charleston is pictured on the cover; instructions are found on p 27 and 35. Unfortunately, there are no assembly instructions and no explanations for which squares go where. Without actually attempting to assemble the concoction myself, I don’t know how helpful I can be…

I hope it’s OK to use this modified version of the photo from the Loomette Handbook (see link above). It’s really helpful to be able to see the layout of the afghan.

The Charleston afghan on point

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This pattern was adapted from the Bucilla Dictionary of Magic-Loom Weaving Stitches, pattern 11. My version doesn’t look like the original, but that’s where I got the idea. The Bucilla Magic-Loom has 32 warps and 32 wefts (see this post for more information on the Bucilla Magic-Loom), so I had to trim out the extra warp and weft. This is what I came up with…

“Bucilla 11, modified, variation 1” shown here on the loom, front and back. Notice the extra long floats on the back of the square.

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