Not long ago I was amazed to discover I had over 300 subscribers. I’ve been thinking about having a giveaway for some time, so I decided that when I reached 333, I’d do it. But I had to actually see the number three-three-three.

Here it is: The Big 333!

Now, what shall I give away? I could part with one of my small looms (2″ or 4″) or some squares (say, 3 + 3 + 3 = 9) or several yards of homespun yarn. In fact, maybe all three.

I think there are newfangled ways of doing drawings online, but I don’t know how, so let’s just say, if you want to be in on the drawing, send me an email ( with 333 Prize in the subject line. You many enter ONCE over the next three days. (Your email must be sent by 3:33 P.M. on 10/10/19.)

If your name is drawn, I’ll contact you and ask you for your mailing address (so make sure your email address will receive mail—I get a few people who can’t or don’t receive my replies to their questions). Sorry about this: Contest is open to US residents only (unless you’re willing to pay for overseas shipping). Please indicate your preferred prize in your message to me. Do not send links to any sites. And please be polite and kind in case I’m leaving out some important legal details. This is a friendly giveaway… 🙂

P.S. If you choose homespun yarn please indicate whether or not you’re allergic to wool.

Modified Two-Layer Warping (2LW) is what you might call a CHALLENGE TECHNIQUE. You can certainly weave this pattern in regular two-layer warp fashion—alternately weaving an L4, then an L2 row. You could also manipulate the layers while warping (usually referred to as Layer 2 Manipulation, or L2M). I think it’s easier to combine two- and three-layer warping-and-weaving.

Reversible Stars, front

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There’s this phenomenon—what shall we call it? Designing Disease—that happens when I begin posting patterns and commenting on them. Fever strikes and I begin designing anew. Today’s patterns are variations on yesterday’s. (These also, sadly, have no names.) All are warped in L1/2-4 configuration. Seems to be a rule of thumb that when weaving Over and Under groups (usually O3 or U3, but not always), layers 3 and 4, at least, should be the same color.

This first one turned out rather disappointing because I didn’t use high contrast colors (I’m out of practice!), but I think it might be an interesting design. It uses Layer 2 Manipulation (L2M) which might sound intimidating, but is really quite simple. (See also Hourglass pattern on Windsweptmind.)

June 25 2016 small notebook 3 sub 1 — featuring L2M

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A PLW friend’s birthday is today, so in her honor—because she’s so supportive of my pattern designing attempts—I’m posting some new patterns.

I haven’t given much thought to PL patterns lately. I’d felt so discouraged recently trying to post the patterns I designed earlier this year (but didn’t post while they were fresh in my mind) that I essentially gave up on them.

The squares in this post are a small stack of experimental designs based on a pattern originally devised 25 June 2016. They’re listed in the order they were woven. You might notice the evolution of certain ideas and motifs. A few are interesting, but none of them have proper names. Read More →