“Today is the day,” I decided, “to start posting patterns.” With over 100 photographed squares to choose from, it should have been a breeze. Well, a breeze certainly confronted me—a good, stiff one, more of a gale (as in gale force winds).

The wind is BLOWING here today and the first square I picked up from one of the To BE Posted baskets had no photo to go with it. Went outside to snap the photo. What should have taken seconds took minutes because of the wind. The photos took seconds, but waiting for breaks in the breeze (during which I was getting significantly wind-chilled) took minutes. Sheesh!

Hexagon Heart, front

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A blog reader asked if Star in a Cross could be woven on a 6″ loom. The answer is yes. This is a pattern that transfers well to the 6″ loom. I had to diagram it to be sure because sometimes 4″ patterns don’t work well on the 6″ loom.

Because squares from the 6″ loom have a larger area, sometimes tiny motifs (such as the star in the center of the cross) won’t look very dynamic or significant. For that reason I played around with some variations. I haven’t woven any of these, so I’m not sure how they’ll turn out. There are still other options for this pattern, so I might need to go back to the drawing board. For now, here they are.

Recommended warping: L1&2 dark/3&4 light.

Star in a Cross

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