This post begins a series of two-layer warping (2LW) instructions. I haven’t done much exploring of this weaving method, and haven’t invented many patterns yet. There are a number of patterns available in 100 Pin Loom Squares by Florencia Campos Correa and there are a few available in the vintage pattern booklets on And I’m in the process of inventing more.

Please check out my video series demonstrating the techniques described in this and the following posts.

2LW Part 1—Basic Twill
2LW Part 2—Twill Changing Direction


(I’m using stretchy wool for these squares, so it’s OK to warp more snugly.)

Samples featuring pink yarn and the Zoom Loom are the most basic method for 2LW. If you want to eliminate all the fancy distractions, follow those photos. By the way, if you are a Zoom Loom user, I strongly recommend you purchase a longer needle to make weaving more comfortable with its wide frame.

The turquoise yarn/cream-colored Weave-It photos will show how to prepare the loom if you wish to work the beginning yarn tail in as you weave. It also shows a warping variation at Cr2 that might make weaving a bit easier.


Anchor the yarn tail in the notch at Cr1. (If using a different loom you can tie a slip knot, leave the yarn tail hanging, or use a method that suits you.) Warp L1 as usual. Finish at Cr2.

Bring the yarn around the first pin at Cr2 and warp L2 (in the same way as you normally warp L3). Finish at Cr3.

To measure the warp, wrap the yarn around the outside of the pins 8 1/2 – 8 3/4 times, cut yarn, thread needle. Proceed to INSTRUCTIONS FOR WEAVING ROW 1 (below). (If adding optional R32, you may want to make it 8 3/4 wraps.)


Tie a loose slip knot and put it over a pin near Cr3.
Bring yarn to outside of pins, down to Cr1, make a half figure 8 around the first pin.

Close-up of the first part of the half-figure 8

Close-up of half-figure 8

L1 in place without warping variation at Cr2.

At Cr2, bring yarn around the two Cr2 pins (this photo shows the Cr2 warping variation in place) and warp L2 (same way as you usually warp L3). Finish at Cr3. Wrap yarn around pins 8 1/2 – 8 3/4 times, cut, thread needle. Proceed to INSTRUCTIONS FOR WEAVING ROW 1 (below). (If adding optional R32, you may want to make it 8 3/4 wraps.)


Some demo photos show the same procedure with different squares, so sometimes photo samples are yellow, sometimes purple.

Let me take a moment to explain why I anchor my yarn as I do on the loom. I like the beginning tail long enough either to work into the square all the way across the row, or to be used to sew the squares together later. To avoid having a long tail hanging by Cr1, I tie the yarn near Cr2 and stretch it over to Cr1. This keeps the tail out of the way as I weave.

Anchor the beginning tail to the loom wherever you choose

Warp layer 1 (L1) as usual, OR you may want to alter the last pin wrap and take the warp just outside of Cr2 pin #2. This makes the weaving a little easier later on.

L1 with the variation at Cr2

Close-up of Cr2 variation warp

Begin warping L2 from Cr2. (Either bring the warp around one pin or two pins.)
Finish at Cr3. From now on, the loom in the photos is shown “upside down” (1-2 edge at the top) because tying on the second color and weaving begin at Cr3.

Warp L2 in the same manner as L3 is usually warped

If you want to work the L2 tail in as you go, bring the yarn from Cr3, outside the pins, up around Cr1 and anchor it to the 1-2 side of the loom.

Anchor L2 yarn so it can be worked in as you weave.

Close-up of yarn color 2 tied on near Cr4. You may tie it on wherever you’d like.

I like to tie on the second color near Cr4 and stretch it over to Cr3 where weaving begins (as indicated by the needle tip). When I wrap the yarn, I begin counting wraps from Cr3, so this length isn’t counted as part of the 8 1/2 – 8 3/4; if it were, you could call it 9 full wraps. (If adding optional R32, you may want 8 3/4 wraps.)

Weft yarn—ready to cut, thread needle, and proceed to INSTRUCTIONS FOR WEAVING ROW 1.


Begin weaving at Cr3.

R1: Plain weave (P)

There are three procedures for beginning R1.

  • If following the pink sample, it’s straightforward. Begin and end the row Under.
  • If following the green sample, begin R1 taking the needle Under the outside tail AND the first warp. (You’ll always treat the outside tail as if it were one strand with the warp.)
  • If following the purple sample, begin R1 Over the outside tail, Under the first warp. Hereafter treat the outside tail as if it were one strand with the warp.

Exit the row and bring the yarn around/below the fourth pin of Cr4’s four-pin group.

Wrap the Cr4 fourth pin

Now you’re ready to weave any 2LW pattern you choose. If you’d like to continue with a basic 2/2 twill, proceed to the next post.


On Windsweptmind I’ve explained in detail a lot of basic information about two-layer warping (2LW), so you may also want to refer to that post.

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