Though I’ve listed this pattern as a variation of Whirling Diamond, I decided to give it the name it had in my quilt block book. There are online quilt block designs called Churn Dash that look very different, but I suppose one woman’s churn dash might easily differ from another’s. Churn Dash and the pattern that follows (Whirling Diamond variation 2) look like their namesake, but their diagrams are dissimilar.

Churn Dash, front

I think the back of this one shows the pattern better than the front. It might be that I should have switched colors and had the darkest value as the main color, but I think the problem is really that the pattern is too thick.

Churn Dash, back (version A–original)

The photo below shows some rough edit work to modify the pattern. I call this one version B.

Churn Dash, back (modified)–version B

Whirling Diamond var 1 or Churn Dash A

Whirling Diamond var 1 or Churn Dash original B

You might want to try this third version of the pattern, if you like a skinny churn dash.

Whirling Diamond var 1 or Churn Dash version C


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