One of the fun things you can do with a simple repeating pattern is to vary the row repetitions. Here’s a simple variation of the standard Horizontal Xs pattern.

Horizontal Xs variation 2

Another way to alter the look of a pattern is to change the warping. The example of Horizontal Xs variation 2 below shows color 1 on L1 and L3, color 2 on L2 and L4. (Notation for this warping configuration is commonly shown in this blog as L1&3/L2&4.)

Horizontal Xs variation 2 with L1&3/L2&4 warping, front

As an added bonus, the back of this square, with this warping configuration, offers a totally different look. Patterns with front and back interest are great for projects such as blankets or shawls where you’ll be able to see both sides of the finished piece.

Horizontal Xs variation 2 with L1&3/L2&4 warping, back

Horizontal Xs variation 2


R1: P
R2: P2, (U3, P3) x 4, U3, P2
R3: P5, (O3, P3) x 3, O3, P5
R4: Rpt R2
Repeat rows 1-4 three times, then repeat R2-3 once.
R16: P

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