This is the first pattern I ever made up and I absolutely love it. If you ask me what my favorite pattern is, this is the one!

Horizontal Xs

L1-3: CSS “Woodland Heather”
L4: CSS “Sunset”

Horizontal Xs

R1: P
Even Rows: P2, (U3, P3) x 4, U3, P2
Odd Rows: P5, (O3, P3) x 3, O3, P5
R16: P

This pattern looks the same on both sides which makes it a good choice for a blanket.

Horizontal Xs — Red marks signify U3; Blue marks signify O3



R1: P
Even Rows: P2, (U3, P3) x 4, U2, P2
Odd Rows: U3, P2, (O3, P3) x 3, O3, P2, U3
R16: P

Horizontal Xs var 3

4 Thoughts on “Horizontal Xs — 4″ (31 x 31) pattern

  1. Should the U2 for the even rows be a U3?

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