One Thought on “Diagonal Triangles — 4″ (31 x 31) pattern weave

  1. Diagonal Triangles
    1. P
    2. P4, (U3, O1)X6, U3
    3. P2, (U3, O1)X6, P6
    4. P1, O3, P4, (U3, O1)X5, U3
    5. P2, (U3, O1)X5, P3, O3, P3
    6. P1, (O3, U1)X2, P3, (U3, O1)X4, U3
    7. P2, (U3, O1)X4, P3, (O3, U1)X2, P2
    8. P1, (O3, U1)X3, P3, (U3, O1)X3, U3
    9. P2, (U3, O1)X3, P3, (O3, U1)X3, P2
    10. P1, (O3, U1)X4, P3, (U3, O1)X2, U3
    11. P2, (U3, O1)X2, P3, (O3, U1)X4, P2
    12. P1, (O3, U1)X5, P3, U3, O1, U3
    13. P2, U3, P4, (O3, U1)X5, P2
    14. P1, (O3, U1)X6, P3, U3
    15. P5, (O3, U1)X6, P2
    16. P

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