I’m not crazy about this one, but the flower-ish design in the center of two columns (on the back of the square) is interesting. Perhaps I don’t favor this sample because it’s woven with L1&2/3&4 warping, which is my least favorite combination. It might be worth weaving with L1 darker/2-4 lighter.

DuO Diamonds 3a, back. On this side of the square, the center diamond gets overwhelmed by the flower shape amidst two columns.

DuO Diamonds 3a, front. The center diamond is more evident on this side.

As with DuO Diamonds (original), all the blue squares are O3s and are NOT OPTIONAL. However, the green squares are optional—use all four or in pairs of two (don’t just use one of the U3s). Sample was woven with the optional stitches.

DuO Diamonds 3a

In DuO Diamonds 3b (no sample yet), all the green stitches are optional. You may use just the four light green or the four darker green or all greens together. However, use the whole set of four U3s, don’t just add one (though you could experiment with just adding the groups of two opposite each other).

DuO Diamonds 3b

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