You know the saying, “When the teacher is ready the students appear”? (Or is it the other way around? I think it is. As a freelance teacher I always tend to wonder if students will show up…) I’ve been having a recurring idea and I guess I’ve been in need of a nudge.

So, students, show up, please.

I mean, there’s just SO MUCH to work on all the time. Do y’all really want me to stop working and start organizing?

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Maybe I should be embarrassed about the Easter basket pattern I posted earlier today; I’m not. Though not very good, it illustrates a step in pattern designing—morphing from one idea to another. Originally the green square below was part of an Easter egg design (one of many failed attempts). My husband thought it looked like a basket, so I altered it slightly, called it “Easter Basket,” and posted it here. The more I saw it, the less I liked it. It was pretty obvious how to tidy it up, so here’s the new pattern:

Easter Basket 2

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Wall Bars designs use the Slide technique. Slide means that the needle slides between the warp layers rather than going Under the L1 warps or Over the L3 warps. The L4 weft thread will be in between the warps alongside the L2 threads on either side of it. When I count the slide stitches, I tap them with my needle to keep track of them.

Wall Bars 3, variation A

Wall Bars 3, variation A1

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