One of my favorite joking statements is, “I’m falling apart, won’t you join me?”

Our pin loom squares, while not falling apart, still need to be joined if you want to produce some sort of finished product. There are many ways to join squares: duct tape, glue, sewing machine . . . But for a more organic result, you’ll most likely want to use yarn. And why not use those pesky ends that need to be woven in anyway? (My friend prefers to not use yarn tails because of the danger of puckering the squares as she pulls the stitches, so that’s something to consider.)

Mattress Stitch

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I think I had islands on my mind on 12 October—the West Indies, Saint Marie, Puerto Rico . . . This pattern is also named after the letter I because I wove that variation first. (A lot of my patterns come out I-shaped; it’s one way to break up repetitive rows.)

These are all the patterns I made up 12-14 Oct. Many are variations of the “Isles” basic pattern. The whitish one shows up more dramatically on the dark background.

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