Lattice Borders—judging by the number of variations I made—is one of my favorite patterns from Weave-It Magic Squares. I haven’t included all the variations in this post, only the ones that turned out well.

Lattice Borders—L1&2/3/4

Lattice Borders original

This is the front of the page I printed from the PDF. There are a lot more notes on the back, but they mainly refer me to another notebook which contains more variations of this pattern.

Printout from Weave-It Magic Squares

One of the notes on the back of the printout says that it kind of bugs me that the O3s are off-center. I fixed that in a number of the variations. Some of the following patterns may not bear much resemblance to the original; that is the way of variations.

Please note: many of these patterns use L1&2/3&4 warping. I think that configuration shows the patterns to their best advantage.


Lattice Borders original, amended (the amendment moves moves the outer edges more toward the center)

A blog friend informs me that this pattern is identical to Ladders 2, so … now you know. They were designed years apart. These things happen.

Lattice Borders original, amended—L1&2/3&4

Lattice Borders, original amended


Lattice Borders Variation 1 (variation moves the sides outward and adds a large star motif in the center)

Lattice Borders Variation 1—L1&2/3&4

Lattice Borders Variation 1


Lattice Borders Variation 2 (variation adds a stripe of small stars up the center)

Lattice Borders Variation 2—single color

Lattice Borders Variation 2—L1&3/2&4. Though this square is pretty, it would probably look better with L1&2/3&4 warping.

Lattice Borders Variation 2


Lattice Borders Variation 2, amended (amendment centers the pattern better on the square)

Lattice Borders Variation 2, amended—L1&2/3&4

Lattice Borders Variation 2 amended


Lattice Borders Variation 2a (variation moves outer edges toward the center)

Lattice Borders Variation 2a—L1&2/3&4

Lattice Borders Variation 2a


Lattice Borders Variation 2b (this one emerged from the 2a diagram, but is more accurately a variation of 1 above)

Lattice Borders Variation 2b—L1&2/3&4

Lattice Borders Variation 2b


Lattice Borders Variation 3 (preserving the original edges, this variation adds a center stripe of compact stars)

Lattice Borders Variation 3—single color

Lattice Borders Variation 3—L1&3/2&4

Lattice Borders Variation 3

There was an amended Variation 3, but it turned out to look more like a Horizontal Xs variation (#4—coming soon). Lattice Borders Variations 4 and 5 were either not great or not significantly different. The original Variation 1 was replaced by the version above.

There’s another series of patterns called Lattice Squares which grew out of Lattice Borders. I’ll be posting those anon…

4 Thoughts on “Lattice Borders and variations — 4″ (31 x 31) patterns

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  2. Suzanne Eakin on 17 April 2019 at 9:00 AM said:

    Hi Sue –
    Just tried your Lattice Borders, original, amended pattern on some variegated sock wool that I bought yesterday. I liked the pattern so much that I saved it to my pictures file. I then noticed that it was identical to the Ladders 2 pattern. Did you realize that? Whatever it is called, it is a great pattern and really showcases a variegated yarn nicely.

    • Sue Burton on 17 April 2019 at 11:56 PM said:

      I didn’t realize that but am not surprised. I think I “invented” Horizontal Xs three or four times, always with a different name. It’s hard to catch those repeats. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll do something about it, if I can figure out what…

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