Here are a few Loomette patterns I diagrammed today. Not sure if I’ve ever woven them, so I don’t have photo samples of the squares. If you want the typed-out instructions you can find them in The Loomette Handbook: New Weaves, Vogues and Suggestions. Scroll past all the Weave-It pamphlets and it’s the fourth Loomette booklet.

I find it helpful to diagram the patterns, whether or not I weave them, because even though there are old black and white photos in the booklets, they’re not always easy to discern (and frequently they have the square turned the wrong way from the instructions). I like to be able to visualize the square (and make amendments or variations) before I commit time and yarn.

When you weave an O3 right next to a U3 in successive rows, you get a really interesting effect—a sort of V-shaped line.

Loomette B-7
The Loomette instructions included the optional stitches on rows 8 and 9 (pink and light blue squares). They didn’t say what to do about the O3s right on top of each other—shouldn’t be a problem, but you’ll get a long vertical line there on the back.
If you leave out the optional stitches, you’ll get the effect of a plain weave box in the center of the square.

Loomette B-8

Loomette B-14

Loomette B-26

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