I don’t really know much about Jewish symbolism, and so don’t know if these are useful. I haven’t woven all of them myself yet. Here they are if you’d like to try them. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve them.

Star of David

Star of David

Star of David, solid

I don’t like how the base of the menorah turned out, so I redesigned the pattern. You can find it here.

Menorah 1

Hanukkah Menorah–I could only fit 5 candles on it (three are lit)

Cruse of Oil

Nun (Miracle) dreidel symbol 1

Heh (Happened) dreidel symbol 2

Gimel (Great) dreidel symbol 3

Shin (There) dreidel symbol 4 (green marks are optional U3 sts)

Star of David, mini

Star of David, mini solid

4 Thoughts on “Hanukkah Symbols — 4″ (31 x 31) patterns

  1. Kittie Moore on 1 December 2017 at 4:22 PM said:

    Thank you for these patterns! A “menorah” generally had 7 candles and a “Hanukkiah” has 9 (to commemorate the miracle), but 5 candles illustrates the idea just fine. In a larger square, more arms could be adde, I think.

  2. These will be beautiful!

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