This is another old pattern. Since I’m posting hearts today, I wanted to include it. This one stretches edge to edge so it might look like folded paper dolls when joined to other squares of the same pattern.

Large Heart

CSS “Blackberry”

Large Heart

R1: P
R2: P14, U3, P14
R3: P12, U3, O1, U3, P12
R4: P10, (U3, O1) x 2, U3, P10
R5: P8, (U3, O1) x 3, U3, P8
R6: P6, (U3, O1) x 4, U3, P6
R7: P4, (U3, O1) x 5, U3, P4
R8: P2, (U3, O1) x 6, U3, P2
R9: (U3, O1) x 7, U3
R10: Rpt R8
R11: Rpt R9
R12: Rpt R8
R13: Rpt R9
R14: P2, (U3, O1) x 2, U3, P5, (U3, O1) x 2, U3, P2
R15: P4, U3, O1, U3, P9, U3, O1, U3, P4
R16: P

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