This picture shows a comparison between Premier Sweet Roll yarn (the large cake type of yarn) and Caron Simply Soft. The Sweet Roll yarn is a bit thicker than CSS.

Featured pattern: Large Heart

Personally I think the pattern shows up a little better on CSS, but you may have a different opinion (the lighting is not great in the photos). Also, I tend to warp a bit loose, so my patterns may show up differently than yours.

The Sweet Roll yarn was not especially difficult to weave despite its being thicker than CSS. I think the CSS square has better drape. A project made using PSR will likely be a little heavier and stiffer.

If you read my first post about designing Christmas tree patterns, you’ll know I got rather sick of them. (This was in the days before I used charts to design my patterns.)

Sorting through some of my other old Christmas Tree patterns, I found this—design IV—and am offering it here as a more traditional looking Christmas Tree. I haven’t tried it with beads yet, but if I do, I’ll add the info and photo(s).

Christmas Tree IV shown with optional stitches

I used this pattern in my Noel Banner, but forgot to take a picture first—it doesn’t show up well in this photo. I didn’t use any of the optional stitches and I liked it better that way.

Christmas Tree IV