This particular blog post began as notes to self, so it might not make a lot of sense. However, it might be useful if you want to try weaving “Box of Stars” and other 2LWsq (or L2M) patterns from the library. (One benefit of manipulating L2 is that you can design centered patterns instead of running them unevenly off the top of the woven square.)

2LWsq means Two-layer warping / two-layer weaving. Warp L1 and L3, then weave L2 and L4 (or L4 then L2) in alternating rows instead of rows 1-31 consecutively. It’s a way to end up with scalloped edges instead of single wrapped edges when weaving 2LW patterns. You can then combine 2LW squares with 3LW squares in a project and use the Mattress Stitch to join them.

Box of Stars

In the case of the above pattern, 2LWsq is another way to approach Layer 2 Manipulation (L2M). Since only the row between 8 and 9—what I call Row 8A—is affected, “Box of Stars” can be woven using L2M. However, when designing the pattern, it’s easier to use 2LWsq. Easier is a relative term; it’s still tricky to design and I haven’t figured out all the kinks yet.

Notes for Weaving, and Designing Patterns

  • Warp L1 and L3; wrap 8 3/4 times around pins to measure weft.
  • At Cr3, begin weaving L2 from top to bottom: Slide the needle under the L3 warps for all not-manipulated rows. Enter between pins 1 and 2; exit above pin 3 into the empty space. L2 has 15 rows.
  • To figure out how to manipulate R8A: use two spare needles (or scrap yarn) and weave L4’s R9 and R8. This enables you to figure out how to weave R8A (or any other to-be-manipulated L2 row).
  • Continue sliding the needle under L3 warps of all not-manipulated rows. (For R7A it may be necessary to actually weave in order to reseparate the warp layers.)

Additonal Notes for Weaving

  • After warping L1 and L3, if using one color, you’ll be at Cr3. Begin weaving L2 there.
  • After weaving L2 you’ll be at Cr2. Wrap one pin there and begin weaving L4 according to pattern directions. (You’ll need to ignore any L2 row instructions and weave the usual L4-numbered rows.)

Additional Notes for Warping

  • Warp L1 and L3 in one color. Bring L3 tail down to Cr1 to work in tail as you weave.
  • Method 1—Tie color two on at Cr3, bring across outside of pins (3-4 side) to Cr4. Weave all L4 rows (all odd rows on a 2LW pattern*) from Cr4 down to Cr2. Then weave all even* rows up from Cr2 to Cr3.
  • Method 2—Weave L2 (even* rows) down from Cr3 to Cr2, then weave L4 (odd* rows) up from Cr2 to Cr4.
  • When switching colors follow either method 1 or 2; when using one color, follow method 2.

*Odd and even rows on a 2LW pattern are numbered from 1-31 (on a 31 x 31 loom) instead of 1-16 (e.g.).

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