Do you ever get the feeling some things aren’t meant to be? With reservations, I’m posting this pattern. It looks good on paper and it might look OK in a single color, but after weaving it four times, I’m giving up (at least for now).

Union Jack

Funny thing about this pattern—I designed it several months ago and just couldn’t get myself to weave it. Maybe instinctively I knew it wouldn’t turn out. My attempts are shown above, in order. The first one actually looks the best, I think. On the last one I used red yarn and a very light blue. I still don’t think it looks good. Feel free to try it—and now you know what not try!

“Union Jack” instructions and diagram

Note on pattern shorthand: 313 means U3, O1, U3. The diagram shows R7 two different ways and it’s noted on the instruction card. The original instructions are written in blue; only R7 has a change (written in black). The top left square in the photo uses the original instructions.


On the bright side, despite last night’s power cut and the terrible photo I took of L1, the French flag (“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”) weaving pattern is coming along very well.

L1 (taken in profound darkness with flashlight and camera flash; lesson learned: use a white background)

Also taken in the dark—L2 and L3 in place before cut ends were secured to the loom

L2 and L3 in place; ready for L4

(Even as I proofread this post I’m still having ideas for “Union Jack”, so stay tuned . . .)

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  1. Dorothy Behl on 23 August 2017 at 7:10 AM said:

    Hi my name is Dorothy I just got a pin loom I need a simple video on how to do it again I get the over stuff but I do I finish row and start new row make sense help my email is . . .

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