The thing about designing patterns for the 6″ loom is that if you don’t get it right the first time, you’ll be sorry . . . that is, until you get it right. It’s a colossal drag to have to reweave a pattern on that gigantic loom more than once! (Who knew six inches could seem so big?)

After the “Cross My Hearts” pattern, I was kind of on a roll and designed two companion patterns. Here’s one of them. (I’ll post the second one as soon as I weave up a sample.)

Four-Patch Hearts with Pattern Stitch

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Since people are starting to receive their Wunderwag pin loom sets, I figured I’d better get busy designing some patterns for that size. Actually a lot of the 4″ textural patterns can be woven on the 6″, but not all. For example, “Horizontal Xs” doesn’t work on the 6″ loom without modification. It has to do with the number of pins. I’m truly out of my depth here with the terminology. Some patterns are divisible by 4 and some by 2. The 2s work on the 2″, 4″, and 6″ loom, but not the 4s. 4s work on the 4″, 8″, 12″, etc.

6″ squares

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