I think I had islands on my mind on 12 October—the West Indies, Saint Marie, Puerto Rico . . . This pattern is also named after the letter I because I wove that variation first. (A lot of my patterns come out I-shaped; it’s one way to break up repetitive rows.)

These are all the patterns I made up 12-14 Oct. Many are variations of the “Isles” basic pattern. The whitish one shows up more dramatically on the dark background.

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Even though it’s 不行 (bùxíng) these days to talk about Columbus Day, I was raised on it. October 12 we remember him; I respect the man. No disrespect meant to any Native Americans or First Nation people; I don’t know what they call the holiday now and I respect their claim that this land didn’t exactly need to be discovered, but I’m glad we others got to come here.

The first pattern I designed on 12 Oct I called “Santa Maria,” which is funny because I was watching Death in Paradise at the time which takes place on the isle of Saint Marie.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria

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For this demonstration I used the 2″ triangle loom. I photographed every row and the finished product. (I apologize for the stained fingernails; that happened while I was painting the yarn.)

The same instructions apply to the 4″ and 6″ triangle looms. The pin numbers will be different according to loom size.

Yardage requirements and L4 pin wrap measurements for each loom size are found in the Pin Wraps and Yardage tab at the top of this blog.

Secure yarn to loom (or you can leave it hanging loose). I tied a slip knot and looped it over a 1-2 edge pin near Cr1. Take yarn alongside 1-3 edge pins up to Cr3 and wrap two pins (#13 and #12).

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For the outline pumpkin it’s OK to use high contrast yarn. I think the Fall Banner will look better with solid-fill patterns than outlines, but this Pumpkin Outline might be useful for other purposes.

The Pumpkin Outline is a more natural pumpkin shape, not uniform from side to side.

Pumpkin Outline — Right Stem

Sample — L1-3: RHS “Tangerine,” L4: YBSS “Olive”

Pumpkin Outline — Left Stem

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For the last pattern in the Fall Banner project, you get to choose the one you like best.

When I first thought up the project idea I had already designed the pumpkin. After I started laying out my squares, however, I realized the pumpkin was the only one that was an outline—rather than a filled-in shape. I thought the outline didn’t look good with the others.

But then I had new problems.

The pumpkin shape tends to show better on the back of the square

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