A reader requested a pin loom Tic Tac Toe game, so here it is.

The game board is woven on the 6″ loom, but I’m also including a 4″ version (see below).

Tic Tac Toe game board
6″ board
  • R1 (and all odd rows): P
  • R2, 4, 6: P14, U3, P13, U3, P14
  • R8: P2, (U3, O1) x 10, U3, P2
  • R10, 12, 14: Rpt R2
  • R16: Rpt R8
  • R18, 20, 22: Rpt R2
  • R24: P

The game pieces are made from 2″ squares. I made two versions of the X. In the sample squares I wove the beginning tails into row 1 which made that row’s U3s disappear—so I don’t recommend doing that.

The blue square doesn’t have the optional stitches; the green square has them, but they don’t show in row 1.
The U3 in the center of row 1 has disappeared because I worked the beginning tail into that row.

The 4″ game board design runs off the edges of the square, so this may not be the optimal size for tic tac toe. If you have a 1″ square loom, you could weave the game pieces in different colors, using colors instead of X and O squares, or you could embroider Xs and Os on the squares.

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