For the last pattern in the Fall Banner project, you get to choose the one you like best.

When I first thought up the project idea I had already designed the pumpkin. After I started laying out my squares, however, I realized the pumpkin was the only one that was an outline—rather than a filled-in shape. I thought the outline didn’t look good with the others.

But then I had new problems.

The pumpkin shape tends to show better on the back of the square

I redesigned the filled-in pumpkin several times and nothing looked good. I realized I was still using the same colors (orange and green); these didn’t work well on the filled-in pumpkin. After changing colors I got more pleasing results. I like them equally, so I’m posting both (and “Pumpkin Outline” is in the next post). You can choose which one(s) you’d like to use.


  • Make two for the Fall Banner
  • Please note: the direction of the pumpkin stems changes according to banner side (see photo at the bottom of this post). For each pattern, follow R1-13 no matter which direction you want the stem to go. Stem direction is determined on R14-15.

Pumpkin 1 — Ribbed Pumpkin

Sample — L1-3: RHS “Tangerine,” L4: YBSS “Saffron”

Pumpkin 1 (Ribbed Pumkin) shows stem extending left

Ribbed Pumpkin — For R14-15, to have the stem extend right, follow the red markings; ignore the green marks (they will be plain weave). For stem extending left, follow green marks and ignore red ones.

Pumpkin 2 (with or without *beads)

Sample — L1-3: RHS “Tangerine,” L4: YBSS “Saffron”
(Uses 8 beads distributed on L3 warps #5, #6, #8, #10, and #11. I used 6/0 Rocaille, or seed, beads.)

This chart shows two options for eye location. I like the eyes better farther apart, but my husband preferred them closer to the center—your choice.

*For instructions on adding beads, look at this blog post (with videos). Also, you can search “bead” on my Windsweptmind blog for other posts about adding beads.


Pumpkin stem on the left side of the banner extends to the left of the pumpkin; the one on the right extends right.

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