It’s been nearly three years since we used this design in our first Weave-Along (WAL) on the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group. I should say it’s been bothering me ever since, but it wasn’t. However, it bothered several others at the time of the WAL—people who were good at spotting oddities in weaving designs. My squares were so obscure looking that I didn’t notice the inconsistencies. (See original Loomette pattern diagram at bottom of this post.)

Loomette Sunken Square, corrected version, front

After I re-discovered the Recessed Square design and posted it, I remembered this other slightly similar square. “Now would be the time to revisit it,” I thought. “I have the technology to rebuild it.”

Loomette Sunken Square with corrections. Red = Under, Blue = Over

I don’t recommend two colors for this design unless you want to achieve a spool quilt block effect. That would be a clever way to make use of the positive/negative look front and back of each square.

L1-3/4 Sunken Square, front

The central square is more sunken on the front than the back and it also appears more square on the front in the one-color version. Interestingly, the back of the two-color square appears the same size on both sides.

L1-3/4 Sunken Square, back

One-color Sunken Square, back

I haven’t tried the pattern switching colors after L1 (L1/2-4). That warping configuration might cause the four borders to show up more or less the same, as compared to the spool look of L1-3/4.

UPDATE: I decided to try the L1/2-4 warping configuration. I used a slightly darker color (and thicker yarn) on L1, but the contrast isn’t high. I think I like this combination best. The front has a more uniform appearance while the back has the spool look. (Too bad it can’t be spool loops; that would be a cool palindrome.)

L1/2-4 Sunken Square, front

L1/2-4 Sunken Square, back


Original Loomette pattern

Loomette Sunken Square, original version

(See also Recessed Square 1, Recessed Square 2)

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