Let this be a lesson to me: don’t post old patterns without exploring them further. The Recessed Square pattern I posted earlier today (and I do mean earlier) was technically a rectangle—which I knew at the time. With very little trouble I added a couple of rows and came up with a square-within-a-square design. Here it is.

Recessed Square, front

Recessed Square, back

Recessed Square 2

Recessed Square 2 Instructions

R1: P
R2: (U3, O1) x 7, U3
R3: P2, (U3, O1) x 6, U3, P2
R4: Rpt R2
R5: P2, U3, P21, U3, P2
R6: U3, O1, U3, P17, U3, O1, U3
R7: Rpt R5
R8: Rpt R6
R9: Rpt R5
R10: Rpt R6
R11: Rpt R5
R12: Rpt R6
R13: Rpt R3
R14: Rpt R2
R15: Rpt R3
R16: P

For those who don’t understand the note: “I like this with L1-3/4”–it means I think it looks good to warp the loom with Layers 1-3 in one color and switch colors for the weaving layer (L4). You can find instructions on switching colors for different layers by Searching: “Two-color series.” To switch colors for L4 only, see this post.

(See also Recessed Square 1, Loomette Sunken Square)

2 Thoughts on “Recessed Square 2 — 4″ (31 x 31) pattern

  1. Kathryn on 31 March 2020 at 3:11 PM said:

    Hi Sue, I just love this pattern. However, I’m not seeing the difference between the recessed square one pattern and the recessed square two pattern. Also, do you have a written pattern?

    Lastly, what does your note ” I like this one with L1 – 3/4″ mean?

    I’m a newbie weaver, so any help is appreciated!

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