Here are a few diagrams for adding beads to heart patterns.

The Mini Heart can be woven with or without beads. It’s a new pattern (not yet tested) and I haven’t made separate without beads, double outline, or solid heart diagrams yet.

Single Outline Heart (with beads)—This diagram appears elsewhere on this blog, but I thought it also belongs on this post.

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The thing about designing patterns for the 6″ loom is that if you don’t get it right the first time, you’ll be sorry . . . that is, until you get it right. It’s a colossal drag to have to reweave a pattern on that gigantic loom more than once! (Who knew six inches could seem so big?)

After the “Cross My Hearts” pattern, I was kind of on a roll and designed two companion patterns. Here’s one of them. (I’ll post the second one as soon as I weave up a sample.)

Four-Patch Hearts with Pattern Stitch

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In a last-ditch effort to make the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group swap a swimming success, I designed one more pattern—this one for the 6-inch loom. I was a little bit tricky though, I first designed it on a 3-inch square.

The pattern features five hearts, in optional outlines or solid shapes. Because the hearts are small, there’s some compromise happening at the top where the lobes peak downward. The solid hearts don’t look very good, but I think they work as long as there are outline hearts with them on the square. Perhaps they’d be OK in a square by themselves as long as the project has some small outline hearts or larger hearts. In and of themselves, they look like pointy-based strawberries.

Cross My Hearts

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