If you read my first post about designing Christmas tree patterns, you’ll know I got rather sick of them. (This was in the days before I used charts to design my patterns.)

Sorting through some of my other old Christmas Tree patterns, I found this—design IV—and am offering it here as a more traditional looking Christmas Tree. I haven’t tried it with beads yet, but if I do, I’ll add the info and photo(s).

Christmas Tree IV shown with optional stitches

I used this pattern in my Noel Banner, but forgot to take a picture first—it doesn’t show up well in this photo. I didn’t use any of the optional stitches and I liked it better that way.

Christmas Tree IV

If you’re not a member of the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group, you might want to join. We’ve got such a great group of creatives over there I can’t keep up with all their ideas.

There are several options for our Winter Weave-Along project. I’ll start with the basic idea which one of my Facebook pin loom buddies, Sarah Hluchy, contributed. It’s a variation on the Fall Banner.

This diagram shows 12 patterned squares and the three folded-over plain weave squares used to hang the banner. (In fact, they don’t have to be plain weave; an all-over pattern weave might also look nice, as long as it doesn’t compete with the other squares. See finished Noel Banner photo below.)

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