The following information was originally on the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group. According to new Facebook policy (as far as I understand it) the post is considered spam because of all the links it contains. I don’t want to lose the information I’ve collected, so I’m posting it here.

This spreadsheet (found in the Files section of the Facebook group) compares various brands of pin looms:

Recommended instructional websites:

Adventures in Pin Loom Weaving (by Sue Burton)
eLoomaNation (Projects)
Pin Loom Weaving (by Margaret Stump)
Schacht (Project Archives)
Windswept Mind (by Sue Burton)

Recommended YouTube videos:

Loom Types and Sellers (some ship internationally):
Blue Butterfly looms (wide-spaced looms)
Turtle Looms (hexagon looms)
TotaLoom (adjustable looms)
Ullvuna (adjustable looms)
Weave-It, Weavette, and Loomette: [eBay auctions]
Wunderwag (acrylic looms)
Zoom Loom: [Amazon and many other retailers]

Outside the US:
Australia:  Petlyn

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