Lay in the warp for L1 only. Note yarn twist at Cr1 (illustrated in the previous post). Keep reverse slip knot (RSK) near Cr3 loose. Tie off L1 outside 2-4 edge pins at Cr4.

Although this photo doesn’t belong in this series, I neglected to take a photo of the beginning of L2. (You must pretend Cr1 is warped with the twist.) Tie on yarn for L2 along outside of 1-2 edge pins. Keep RSK loose. Warp L2 as usual.

As you begin L3, remove both RSKs. They will be replaced before weaving begins.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT (new) STEP: Take L2 tail OVER the last warp of L3 (needle is pointing to it in photo). Replace both RSKs (near Cr1 and Cr3.) Measure weft for L4, cut, begin weaving…

THIS IS THE SECOND THING TO BE VERY AWARE OF: Take needle through the outside loops and UNDER first warp. (No need to pull the outer loop and scoop under tail and warp together.) Though there isn’t a photo of the end of R1, it’s the same procedure as usual: take needle UNDER last warp and OVER the outer tail. (This step of the procedure is the same as when the tail is being worked back in; see below.)


I recommend working the L2 beginning tail in before you work in the L4 ending tail. In fact, I recommend you work it in after a few L4 rows are woven. (However, most of the time I forget and am working it in after I’ve woven R16. This doesn’t matter as long as you haven’t split the outside L1 yarn tail as you wove L4. If you’ve split it, you can still pull the outer tail upward, it’s just a bit more finicky.)

Remove L2 beginning RSK from the loom; untie. (It may be too short to thread it through the needle at this point, but you can thread just before pulling the needle through.) At Cr2, take needle tip UNDER the clump of two yarn tails and the first warp (just as you did in the previous post). OVER the second warp and so on, following the same Over, Under path as R1.

Exit the working-in row as you did the original R1: UNDER the last warp and OVER the outer tail. Without pulling anything else off the pins, lift the yarn twist from the first pin. Take the RSK from Cr3 and pull the yarn tail up toward Cr3 (not upward off the loom!). The warp at Cr1 will snuggle up against the first pin on the 1-3 side of the loom. This is the same procedure followed in the previous post.

Work in the L4 end tail as shown in previous post OR take the needle OVER outside tail, first and second warps, then follow the path of R16.

You can see a slightly different version of changing colors after L1 in my two-color weaving video. Funny how much has changed since I made that video.


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