I ran across an index card a few days ago. It had a weaving pattern scrawled on it, but no record of whether or not I’d woven it (no notation of yarn or color used).

This pattern is now called “Side by Side Stripes.”

By now I’m pretty good at reading simple instructions and figuring out what the square will look like—this pattern would form three vertical stripes, so I noted that. Yesterday I messed around with it on paper (and on the loom) and developed a peculiar-looking pattern (which I’ll post later). I called that one “Side by Side.”

In order to post the series of new patterns, I needed a woven sample of the stripes version. I’ve discovered that it’s much, much faster to weave a new square than to try to find one I’ve already woven (especially if I don’t know what color it is), so I wove.

“Side by Side Stripes”

My next thought: can I make a companion pattern of exactly matching horizontal stripes?

Just as it’s much faster to weave a square than to locate one that’s already woven, it’s faster to reverse warp the loom (RWM) than to draw a new pattern. And the results are excellent!

“Side by Side Stripes” (RWM)

Side by Side Stripes

Then I began wondering how these would look combined with other squares, same pattern, but inverted.

“Side by Side Stripes—inverted”

“Side by Side Stripes—inverted” (RWM)

Side by Side Stripes—inverted

And how would they all look together? What would be the best arrangement?

Thus a new blog post is born. (See next post.)

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