If you’re not a member of the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group, you might want to join. We’ve got such a great group of creatives over there I can’t keep up with all their ideas.

There are several options for our Winter Weave-Along project. I’ll start with the basic idea which one of my Facebook pin loom buddies, Sarah Hluchy, contributed. It’s a variation on the Fall Banner.

This diagram shows 12 patterned squares and the three folded-over plain weave squares used to hang the banner. (In fact, they don’t have to be plain weave; an all-over pattern weave might also look nice, as long as it doesn’t compete with the other squares. See finished Noel Banner photo below.)

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And here’s yet another pattern I developed for the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group September 2017 Square Swap. The Star is one I’ve attempted before without success—the drawing was so bad I never even wove a sample. But this time around something clicked. I tried a couple different versions and this one turned out really nice, I think. (If you’re not in love with it, feel free to design your own.) Again, I only wove two-color samples, in LOTS of colors—I think I prefer white as the main color though (L1-3: white, L4: contrast color). You can see that I used variegated yarn in some of the samples. I think it works as long as the colors blend well and are the same value (low-contrast).

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Here’s another pattern I polished up for the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group September 2017 Square Swap. I originally worked on several, several, SEVERAL Christmas tree patterns in June 2016. I became SO SICK of them that I couldn’t bring myself to work on them again till a whole year-plus had passed; I even got tired of using green yarn—ME, I know!!!

Guess what? I finally decided that “Christmas Tree 1” looked the best. But hey, I tried just about everything (including several iterations of a tiered tree—you know, two triangles stacked on each other—didn’t look so good, but I may post some of them anyway because you might like them).

Christmas Tree 1

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