This particular blog post began as notes to self, so it might not make a lot of sense. However, it might be useful if you want to try weaving “Box of Stars” and other 2LWsq (or L2M) patterns from the library. (One benefit of manipulating L2 is that you can design centered patterns instead of running them unevenly off the top of the woven square.)

2LWsq means Two-layer warping / two-layer weaving. Warp L1 and L3, then weave L2 and L4 (or L4 then L2) in alternating rows instead of rows 1-31 consecutively. It’s a way to end up with scalloped edges instead of single wrapped edges when weaving 2LW patterns. You can then combine 2LW squares with 3LW squares in a project and use the Mattress Stitch to join them.

Box of Stars

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