This might not be the best yarn for weaving patterns. When I bought it on clearance at Michaels a few years ago I wanted to try it out right away, so I sat down and made up two patterns (see also Ladders 2). For over two years I didn’t look at them again, but whenever I thought of them I remembered how much I liked the look of the yarn—which looks different in the photo of the back of the square (unnatural light). The ladder shows on the back of the square; this explains why I made up Ladders 2 (always like to get the motif onto the front).

Ladders 1a, front

Ladders 1a, back

Ladders 1a

I haven’t woven a sample of Ladders 1b. My notecard says, “This should shift the vertical bars that appear on the back to correspond with the bars on Ladders 2.” Presumably the two squares (Ladders 1b and 2) could be used together, alternately, in a project.

Ladders 1b

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