This is a fun, simple, and beautiful pattern. It comes from the Orignal Loomette Weaves pattern book (pattern design chart included below), but I altered it slightly so the stitches are centered and don’t run off the edges of the square. All ways of warping and weaving this pattern look nice, I think.

Loomette #20 variation

Loomette #20 variation

R1: P
R2: P2, (U3, O3) x 4, U3, P2
R3: Rpt R2
R4: P
R5-16: Rpt R2-4

Loomette #20 with P2 on outside edges or each row, original row spacing preserved.

Loomette #20

R1: P
R2: (U3, O3) x 5, U1
R3: U1, (U3, O3) x 5
R4: P
R5: P
R6-15: (Rpt R2-5) x 2, Rpt R2-3
R16: P

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