Judie Eatough won’t take credit for this pretty weaving draft, but she readied it for the pin loom and brought it to our attention. These are her comments: “Here is a pattern for the dogwood blossom that is a traditional Atwater-Bronson lace pattern. This one uses 3 thread warp floats. The photo is of the unwashed square done in acrylic yarn. The petals round some because the plain weave pushes into the lace areas. Use a yarn that gives you a firm plain weave square.”

Dogwood, woven by Judie Eatough


Rows 1, 2, 3, & all odd Rows: P.
R4: P4, (U3, O1) x 10, P3
R6: Rpt R4
R8: P4, (U3, O1) x 4, P8, (U3, O1) x 4, P3
R10: Rpt R8
R12: P4, [(U3, O1) x 2, P8] x 2, (U3, O1) x 2, P3.
R14: Rpt R12
Rows 16 & 18: Rpt R8
Rows 20 & 22: Rpt R4
Rows 23 & 24: P

Dogwood (Judie Eatough)

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