How Many Squares?

How Many Squares?
L1-3: YBSS “Ivory”
L4: LH “Redwood”

This is an unusual pattern from my early pattern making days (20 Sep 2015). I don’t think I’d have made it up today. It is so named because at the time on Facebook a number of those visual puzzles were circulating where you’re supposed to figure out how many squares there are.

I’ve never woven this pattern with a single color, so I can’t say how it looks that way. With two colors (either in L1-2/L3-4 or L1-3/L4) it looks totally different on the back of the square.

L1-3: YBSS “Ivory”
L4: LH “Redwood”

L1-2: BS “Sea Shell”
L3-4: LH “Denali”

How Many Squares?
Red marks indicate Under, Blue are Over.

R1: P
Even Rows: P2, (U3, O1) across, P2
Odd Rows: U2, (O3, U1) across, U2
R16: P


In answer to Elizabeth’s question (see Comments below): this is what I do with most of my squares:

The Pattern Library (front and side views)

2 Thoughts on “How Many Squares? — 4″ (31 x 31) pattern

  1. Elizabeth J Nelson on 5 December 2017 at 3:05 PM said:

    So, I am a new subscriber to your blog, having recently become interested in expanding my yarn crafting experience beyond knitting (scarves, mostly). I love all your adventures in creating one great square after another! But a question— what do you do with all your squares? Talk about the ultimate “granny square” scarf or shawl! Or do you make a lot of identical/coordinating squares and create a composition with them?

    • Sue Burton on 5 December 2017 at 7:39 PM said:

      Apparently I can’t copy a photo into the comments, so I’ll add it to the end of the post. I’ve made a couple of blankets. The first is the background photo for this blog—a sampler of all my first (multi-colored) squares. The other was a color-coordinated baby blanket during the making of which I invented a lot of patterns. For the most part, my squares accumulate in a pair of boxes (or on top of the boxes or in various cubbyholes around the house). I was just thinking today that I should start sewing them together now that most(?) of them are documented here.

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