Something that’s kind of fun is to create a simple texture pattern, then play around with all kinds of variations. “Trellis Panels” has a delicate lacy look and a lot of potential for other interesting overall patterns.

Trellis Panels

Trellis Panels — red = U3, blue = O3

The first variation might turn out to be really boring, but the others might be fun. With a little finagling, some of the variations might fit on the 2″ loom.

Trellis Panels var 1

Trellis Panels var 2 — red = U3, blue = O3

Trellis Panels var 3 — red = U3, blue = O3, light green = optional U3

Trellis Panels other variations — red = U3, blue = O3, light green = optional U3, light blue = optional O3

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