In a last-ditch effort to make the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group swap a swimming success, I designed one more pattern—this one for the 6-inch loom. I was a little bit tricky though, I first designed it on a 3-inch square.

The pattern features five hearts, in optional outlines or solid shapes. Because the hearts are small, there’s some compromise happening at the top where the lobes peak downward. The solid hearts don’t look very good, but I think they work as long as there are outline hearts with them on the square. Perhaps they’d be OK in a square by themselves as long as the project has some small outline hearts or larger hearts. In and of themselves, they look like pointy-based strawberries.

Cross My Hearts

The photo above shows the second sample I made. Later on you’ll see the first sample, front and back, with colors modified. I keep forgetting that designs woven in reds and pinks don’t photograph very well.

As you know, I’m lazy about typing instructions, so I’ll post the diagram I used. Below, I’ve added written instructions for two versions of the square.

Here’s the original design. If you have a 3″ loom (that’s compatible with the Wunderwag looms), you can weave this heart on it. You can also weave it on a 4″ loom if you want a little heart in the center with a wide border around it.

Tiny Heart for either 3-inch or 4-inch loom

These photos show the front and back of the first “Cross My Hearts” sample square. If you look at the two solid hearts, you’ll see they’re not the same. You can choose either style or just use all outline hearts.

Cross My Hearts—front view

Cross My Hearts—back view

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