One of the reasons I began the reversible pattern exploration was because I wanted patterns that could be used on a rigid heddle loom as well as a pin loom. It’s a bit easier to weave samples on the pin loom. I think this particular design looks good if you turn the square clockwise one turn, but as usual, you can’t duplicate that look without doing some fancy weave-work (like two-layer weaving or maybe reverse warping). We’ll see if that ever materializes…

Reversible Star Boxes–front

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I’ve been locked out of my blog for a long time, so I’m finally able to post again. Whew.

About a year ago I fiddled around with some patterns that look roughly the same on both sides of the square. I call them … reversible! Some looked better than others and I’m in the process of diagramming them on the computer (still prefer to design on paper). Here’s the first one.

Reversible Chevron Star Boxes–front

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Modified Two-Layer Warping (2LW) is what you might call a CHALLENGE TECHNIQUE. You can certainly weave this pattern in regular two-layer warp fashion—alternately weaving an L4, then an L2 row. You could also manipulate the layers while warping (usually referred to as Layer 2 Manipulation, or L2M). I think it’s easier to combine two- and three-layer warping-and-weaving.

Reversible Stars, front

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A blog reader asked if Star in a Cross could be woven on a 6″ loom. The answer is yes. This is a pattern that transfers well to the 6″ loom. I had to diagram it to be sure because sometimes 4″ patterns don’t work well on the 6″ loom.

Because squares from the 6″ loom have a larger area, sometimes tiny motifs (such as the star in the center of the cross) won’t look very dynamic or significant. For that reason I played around with some variations. I haven’t woven any of these, so I’m not sure how they’ll turn out. There are still other options for this pattern, so I might need to go back to the drawing board. For now, here they are.

Recommended warping: L1&2 dark/3&4 light.

Star in a Cross

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Staggered Stars — Note: this pattern is practically the same as “Like a Diamond”, but its spacing is slightly different. (Can’t find “Like a Diamond” for the 31 x 31 loom, so I may need to post that next!)

Recommended two-color warping: L1-2 in lighter color, L3-4 in darker color. (Don’t use high contrast colors—see photo at bottom of post.)

Staggered Stars

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