Thought I’d better release the privacy setting on this post first because you’ll need these instructions for some of the patterns you’ll soon run across. THIS IS AN ADVANCED TECHNIQUE, so beginners might find it confusing—anyone might find it confusing, but go on, give it a try. To find other L2M patterns, just type L2M in the Search box.

For a very simple L2M of the Hourglass pattern, see this blog post.

Layer 2 Manipulation, or L2M

As a pattern weave designer I’m frequently frustrated by my inability to use the three-layer warping method and end up with a design that’s centered on the square. Anything symmetrical, it seemed, always presented the same problem: rows 8 and 9 couldn’t repeat each other (unless they were plain weave rows) without creating a gap in the final figure (see “Hourglass Pattern“).

I discovered that a simple trick of manipulating one strand on L2 took care of this problem. It also created new problems, but I’ve dealt with those as they’ve come up.

For this sample, we’ll be weaving “Farewell Maggie” version 1. (Named in honor of my Maggie‘s passing the day I began work on this pattern.)

Maggie Nov 2015

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