I haven’t woven these two patterns, but I know they looked good as 4″ squares.

I offer them here for the 6″ loom.

“Home Is Where the Heart Is” with optional solid heart (I missed coloring in a couple of the blue marks, but they should be included.)

Follow the green marks only if you want a heart outline on the inside of the house. If you want a solid heart, follow both green and blue marks. Each squiggly pencil mark represents U3. (See note below about chimney placement.)

“Home, Sweet Home”

For the house with a door, I’ve placed the chimney on the left side of the roof. Since the house outlines for each pattern are otherwise identical, you can choose where you want to place your chimney.


The chart (or diagram) is a really lovely tool. Not only is it useful when designing, but it’s also useful when weaving. Obviously you get a preview of what the design looks like, but it also makes pattern sharing almost foolproof. I don’t have to transcribe a bunch of letters and numbers nor count a bunch of stitches.

When a pattern is a mirror image of itself—as most of this one is—you don’t need to know how many plain weave (or U3) stitches there are in a row. Just count forward up to the center line, then count backward after you hit it, e.g. if you’re supposed to plain weave 9 stitches (P9), count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5—center line—4, 3, 2, 1. This has saved me gallons of time and has spared my eye sight as well. Try it out!

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